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Order the shoe one size larger. Reason: The toe protection rounds off the front of the shoe and is therefore (empirical values) one size bigger to buy. 👍ANKLE SPRAIN, ACHILLES TENDON INFLAMMATION, PLANTAR FASCIITIS, SHIN SPLINT, AND BLISTERS ARE COMMON INJURIES IN HARD WORKING CONDITIONS OF CONVENTIONAL SHOES. GET 10% DISCOUNT ON AN ORDER OVER 100,-$ WITH THE CODE "DISCOUNT10".  These indestructible BLAKE Safety sports shoes are not typical everyday shoes. They are built with the hardest materials on the planet to withstand any kind of damage.Even nails cannot penetrate the shoe. You don't have to worry about your feet sweating because the shoes are breathable! Manufactured with an anti-slip sole with anti-smash features, the shoe ensures that your feet are safe under all circumstances when you put them on. Because they look like normal running shoes and are extremely lightweight and comfortable, they can be used for everyday activities as well as outdoor activities such as hiking, hunting and camping!For just $64.95, your feet are finally protected from possible breakdowns! - Perfect for hard working environments- Water resistant sole - Pierce Proof Base to prevent nails from getting through the shoes Protects your toes with a hard plate on the front of the shoesTHIS ITEM IS NOT SOLD IN NORMAL SHOPS. DETAILS: Weight of 1 pair of shoes: 2 x 400g Size Table: